Ep. 22 – The Shape of Water

Our guest Sarah helps us watch the 2018 Best Picture Oscar winner (Guillermo del Toro ‘s) The Shape of Water.

Can a kiss transfer oxygen? How do fishmen have sex? Does our newly developed voting system work?

We watch ½ of the Shape of Water & predict how it ends.

Directed by: Guillermo del Toro | Starring: Sally Hawkins Michael Shannon Richard Jenkins Doug Jones Michael Stuhlbarg Octavia Spencer | Running Time: 123 min | Box Office: $126.4 million


Ep. 21 – Bambi 2

Our guest Harrison watches Bambi 2 (voiced by Patrick Stewart) with us and holds our hands through the tear-jerking moments, despite none of us having seen the original. 

Is Bambi a boy or a girl? Has someone in Bambi’s past died? Does Bambi grow horns or wings and get a boyfriend or girlfriend?

We watch ½ of Bambi 2 & predict how it ends.

Directed by: Brian Pimental | Starring: Alexander Gould Patrick Stewart Brendon Baerg Nicky Jones Andrea Bowen Anthony Ghannam Cree Summer Keith Ferguson Makenna Cowgill Emma Rose Lima Ariel Winter Brian Pimental Carolyn Hennesy Mary Day Alexis Restrum | Running Time: 75 min | Box Office: $34.9 million



Ep. 20 – Gridlock’d

Our guest Rhiannon helps us watch Tupac’s final movie – a comical crime-drama, commenting on society’s health care failures for the poor.

We watch ½ of Gridlock’d & predict how it ends.

Directed by: Vondie Curtis-Hall | Produced by: Damian Jones Paul Webster Erica Huggins | Starring: Tim Roth Tupac Shakur Thandie Newton | Running time: 91 min | Budget: $5 million | Box Office: $5.6 million


Ep. 19 – Mr. Wrong

Our guest Nils helps us celebrate Valentine’s day by helping us watch this romantic comedy with Ellen Degeneres.

We watch ½ of Mr. Wrong & predict how it ends.

Directed by: Nick Castle | Produced by: Marty Katz | Starring: Ellen DeGeneres Bill Pullman Joan Cusack Dean Stockwell Joan Plowright | Running time: 96 min | Budget: $19 million | Box Office: $12.8 million


Ep. 18 – Crossroads

Our guest Becky helps us watch Britney Spears’ movie debut.

Does dad (Dan Aykroyd) get back with priggy mom (Kim Cattrall)? What is a prig? Does Britney deliver a baby while in line for a music contest? Will Britney become the first virgin to get her PhD?

We watch ½ of Crossroads & predict how it ends.

Directed by: Tamra Davis | Starring: Britney Spears Anson Mount Zoe Saldana Taryn Manning Kim Cattrall Dan Aykroyd | Running Time: 94 min | Budget: $12 million | Box office: $61.1 million



Ep. 17 – Donnie Darko 2: S. Darko

Our guest Jerome helps us watch the sequel to this dark cult classic.

It’s been quite some time since the original (Jake Gyllenhaal, Drew Barrymore, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Patrick Swayze.) Will this sequel redeem the original and finally make sense? Will the rabbit guy make an appearance? Will we see more water-snakes pull people by their bellies? Join us as we watch this confusing thriller. 

We watch ½ of Donnie Darko 2: S. Darko & predict how it ends.

Directed by: Chris Fisher | Starring: Daveigh Chase Briana Evigan Jackson Rathbone Ed Westwick James Lafferty | Running Time: 103 min | Budget: $4 million


Ep. 16 – I Love You Daddy

Our guest Hana helps us predict the second half of Louis C.K.’s unreleased dramady. Curious about Louis C.K.’s ominous and poorly-timed exploration of sexuality in Hollywood, but refuse to watch it or can’t get your hands on it? Join us as we take a look the disgraced comedian’s film that was pulled from its premiere amidst the #metoo wave.

In this episode we watch half of I Love You Daddy & try to predict its ending.

Directed by: Louis C.K. | Produced by: Dave Becky Louis C.K. Vernon Chatman Ryan Cunningham John Skidmore | Starring: Louis C.K. Chloë Grace Moretz Pamela Adlon John Malkovich Rose Byrne Charlie Day Edie Falco Helen Hunt | Edited by: Louis C.K. | Running time: 123 min | Box Office: unreleased


Ep. 15 – Porky’s ?

Our guest Kristen helps us predict the second half of this raunchy cult classic. We navigate past morningwood, glory holes, peeping toms, and even some nudity in this very politically incorrect comedy.

In this episode we watch half of Porky’s & try to predict its filthy ending.

Directed by: Bob Clark | Starring: Kim Cattrall Scott Colomby Kaki Hunter Nancy Parsons Alex Karras Susan Clark | Distributed by: 20th Century Fox| Running time: 98 min | Box Office: 105 million


Ep. 14 – Basic Instinct 2

Our guest Matt helps us predict the second half of this erotic thriller. Sharon Stone, and her sexy legs, reprises her iconic character from the 90’s and her libido hasn’t slowed down at all. Will she do her trademark knickerless leg-cross? Join us as we find out.

In this episode we watch half of Basic Instinct 2 & try to predict its sexy ending.

Directed by: Michael Caton-Jones | Starring: Sharon Stone David Morrissey Charlotte Rampling David Thewlis| Distributed by: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer| Running time: 114 min | Box Office: 38.6 million


Ep. 13 – Ghostbusters 2016

Our guest Gillian helps us predict the second half of this 2016 reboot. The ghostbusters are back with all-female leads who hate ghosts as much as the original gang (Bill Murray Dan Aykroyd Sigourney Weaver Harold Ramis Rick Moranis.) Will slimer make an appearance? How about the Stay Puft Marshmellow man? Join us as we find out.

In this episode we watch half of Ghostbusters (2016) & try to predict its ending.

Directed by: Paul Feig | Produced by: van Reitman Amy Pascal | Starring: Melissa McCarthy Kristen Wiig Kate McKinnon Leslie Jones Charles Dance Michael K. Williams Chris Hemsworth| Distributed by: Sony| Running time: 116 min | Box Office: 229.1 million