Ep. 30 – The Dark Crystal

Our guest “Pickle” ūü•í¬†helps us watch Jim Henson’s “The Dark Crystal”.

Are Gilfs all they’re cracked up to be? We finally get an opening act & special interview help from a tactical podcast.

We watch ¬Ĺ of “The Dark Crystal” & predict how it ends.

Directed by: Jim Henson & Frank Oz | Starring: Stephen Garlick Lisa Maxwell Billie Whitelaw Percy Edwards Barry Dennen | Running Time: 93 min


Ep. 29 – Debbie Does Dallas

Our guest Nicky helps us watch one of the most famous “golden-age of porn” movies.

Can we help Brenda find love? Was Brian a “badboy”?¬†Will the graphic sex scenes ruin our appetite for our deep-fried calzones?

We watch ¬Ĺ of the XXX Debbie Does Dallas & predict how it ends.

Directed by: Jim Clark | Starring: Bambi Woods, Christie Ford, Robert Kerman, Robin Byrd, Herschel Savage, Eric Edwards, Arcadia Lake | Running Time: 90 min


Ep. 28 – (planet) Flat Earth

Our guest Karina helps us watch a youtube “conspiracy” video explaining why the world is flat.

We’re hiring! Also, will we break free from our globester pubic school brainwashing? Will we get flat-earth-woke from NASA’s grip?¬†

We watch ¬Ĺ of “Planet Flat Earth” & predict how it ends.

Directed by: ODD Reality | Featuring clips from: Bill Nye, Neil Tyson Degrasse, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, The Truman Show, Men in Black | Running Time: 61 min | youtube release


Ep. 27 – Moulin Rouge

Our guest Erich helps us watch an award-winning 2 hour-long music video.

Are strippers the same as burlesque dancers? Will our guest be able to maintain focus? 

We watch ¬Ĺ of Moulin Rouge & predict how it ends.

Directed by: Baz Luhrmann | Starring: Starring Nicole Kidman Ewan McGregor John Leguizamo Jim Broadbent Richard Roxburgh | Running Time: 128 min | Box Office: $179.2 million


Ep. 26 – Ghost Dad

Our guest Ciragh watches Bill Cosby’s 90’s comedy with us. Was his character better at being a ghost than the real Bill Cosby was at being a human?¬†

We watch ¬Ĺ of Ghost Dad & try to predict how it ends.

Directed by: Sidney Poitier | Starring: Bill Cosby Kimberly Russell Denise Nicholas Ian Bannen | Running Time: 83 min | Box Office: $25 million


Ep. 25 – The Emoji Movie

Our guest Mike helps us watch an animated tale about the inner-workings of mobile phones, while a death in our podcasting family rocks our world.

We watch ¬Ĺ of The Emoji Movie & try to predict how it ends.

Directed by: Tony Leondis | Starring: T. J. Miller James Corden Anna Faris Maya Rudolph Steven Wright Jennifer Coolidge Christina Aguilera Sofía Vergara Sean Hayes Patrick Stewart | Running Time: 86 min | Box Office: $217.8 million



Ep. 24 – Tusk

Our guest Leah helps us watch Kevin Smith’s creepy Canadian tale about an old man’s dream of turning a man in to walrus.

We watch ¬Ĺ of Tusk & predict how it ends.

Directed by: Kevin Smith | Starring: Michael Parks, Justin Long, Haley Joel Osment, Genesis Rodriguez, Johnny Depp | Running Time: 101 min | Box Office: $108 million



Ep. 23 – Triumph of the Will

Our guest Rob helps us watch the haunting 1935 Nazi Propaganda movie, featuring Adolf Hitler and other prominent Third Reich leaders.

We watch ¬Ĺ of Triumph of the Will & predict how it ends.

Directed by: GuiLeni Riefenstahl | Starring: Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Goebbels, Viktor Lutze | Running Time: 114 min


Bonus Episode – The Strip Club VHS Tape

On this special “bonus episode” we invite a handful of former guests back on the show to watch half of a mysterious VHS tape which was “found” in an “abandoned” strip club, and try to predict how it ends.

What’s on the tape? Will we watch the full 6 hours? What is a VHS tape?


Ep. 22 – The Shape of Water

Our guest Sarah helps us watch the 2018 Best Picture Oscar winner (Guillermo del Toro ‘s) The Shape of Water.

Can a kiss transfer oxygen? How do fishmen have sex? Does our newly developed voting system work?

We watch ¬Ĺ of the Shape of Water & predict how it ends.

Directed by: Guillermo del Toro | Starring: Sally Hawkins Michael Shannon Richard Jenkins Doug Jones Michael Stuhlbarg Octavia Spencer | Running Time: 123 min | Box Office: $126.4 million