Danny and Craig unveil their plan to make things right again.



New revelations come to light in the social media imposters case.


S2 Ep. 3 – Social Media Imposters

We receive some disturbing news that Karl from WATP is having issues with one of his social media accounts. We will not tolerate it.


S2 Ep. 2 – Press Circuit 1

Riding the wave of popularity from being featured on WATP, we take a moment to do a quick interview with some new fans across the world… but something doesn’t feel quite right…


S2 Ep.1 – Marvel Movie

We welcome back Kristen to help us with the first episode of Season 2 as we focus on a very special Marvel movie.


Happy New Year from HOIEP

We wish you all the best in the new year, plus an update from the VM we left our friends at Who Are These Podcasts.


Ep. 35 – “Who Are these Podcasts” Tribute Episode

No guest & no movie on this special season-ender. We discovered that WATP dedicated an entire episode to “reviewing” us, so we figured the least we could do was return the favour with their same format. Stay “tuned” for season 2 coming soon…!

Who Are these Podcasts



Ep. 34 – ?Harvey Weinstein’s “Playing For Keeps”

Our guest Michael helps us watch Harvey & Bob Weinstein’s 1986 creation: “Playing for Keeps”

We drop a horrorcore Juggalo rap, interview someone close to our district superintendent problem, issue a warning about 1-star ratings, and read our product reviews.

We watch ½ of “Playing for Keeps” & predict how it ends.

Written & Directed by: Harvey Weinstein & Bob Weinstein | Starring: Daniel Jordano Matthew Penn Leon W. Grant Mary B. Ward Jimmy Baio Harold Gould Marisa Tomei | Running Time: 102 min


Ep. 33 – God’s Not Dead 2 ✞

Our guest Alex helps us watch the sequel to the Christian “God’s Not Dead 2”

We’re blessed with a beautiful prayer; consult an iTunes industry expert; get some salacious pregnancy gossip; sample an ad for new merch & have a saliva contest.

We watch ½ of “God’s Not Dead 2” & predict how it ends.

Directed by: Harold Cronk | Starring: Matt Passmore Callum Keith Rennie Clé Bennett Hannah Emily Anderson | Running Time: 120 min


Ep. 32 – [Hentai] Swing Out Sisters ???

Our guest Nick helps us watch the erotic Japanese anime “Swing Out Sisters”, about 3 siblings with a complicated relationship.

Our People’s-corner is open for public rants; bombshell pregnancy-gossip; merch brainstorm & a sexy-lady guessing game.

We watch ½ of the hentai “Swing Out Sisters” & predict how it ends.

Created by: Shinonome Tarou | Directed by: Watase Toshihiro | Starring: Rikimaru Noriko | Running Time: 80 min |2011